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Customer Testimonials for Marloz

Lisa S. - 2005 Chevrolet Colorado

I want to start off by saying....I am way too late in writing this review. I purchased a truck from Marloz Auto back in March 2017. I had all intentions on promptly submitting a review. But unfortunately life got in the way. Nevertheless, I definitely wanted to share with all my experience with Marloz.

Let's start with the no pressure attitude of the gentleman. I do not want to call them salesmen...because this is not what they did. My first encounter was with NICK....OMG!!! great guy, personable, helpful, and knowledgable. He took his time to listen to my family needs, and our financial restraints as this was going to be an auto for my teenage son and we wanted reliability as well cost effectiveness. If it was something he did not have an answer for he adroitly sought assistance from one of the other guys. Who did not act as though I was any trouble. They all jumped in to help...Brandon and Curtis to name a few. All of the guys and woman(let's not leave her out...the front desk assistance was friendly, and engaging as well)

When I tell you that THEY were great...I mean THEY. From the owner, who was on site that day, the financial grantor, floor manager, Nick my car associate, and even the company mechanic. They all geniuely seemed concerned about whether I was comfortable with my purchase. I did had 1 problem that occurred after purchase...my passenger window would not go back up after letting it down. Now we all know what "as is" means. And my 2005 truck was purchased upon that premise. Well, I took the car back......yep, you guessed it! Marloz were very forth right and up standing. They realized legally they could have said, "oh, well" look at the contractual agreement. BUT NO, THEY HAD THE IN-HOUSE MECHANIC TO LOOK AT IT, ORDERED A PART THAT DAY AND HAD IT REPLACED. Now that is service at its' best. Thank you, Brandon!!! And thank you... mechanic, (please forgive forgot your name)

By the time all was said, and done...over a 3 day transaction...I left feeling like FAMILY. And in this day and time that is a rare experience as a consumer/customer of a variety of markets throughout the Piedmont Triad. This is what we are missing today. We all just want to be treated fairly, as humans, and with a bit of respect.

I would like to end by saying,....Marloz has harnessed the old fashion feel of caring for the customer first, and making them feel right at home. As I work in a customer driven environment as well it is a special company/organization who can bring back the loyalty to customers, provide good/quality service all while still making a business thrive.

THANK MARLOZ!!!! Shout to Nick, Curtis, Brandon, and the rest of the Marloz crew! If you hear a honk...it's me!!!!!!!!! :)

Amy Strawser - 2013 Mazda 5

We came to Marloz in February to look for me a car. I needed a car that was easy for me to get in and out of due to my disability. We looked at several and none worked out. My husband went inside and talked to Tim Vaughan. Tim came out and helped us with a perfect car. He helped me with a car and after I drove it and I fell in love with it !! After Tim helped us fill out some papers and got the ball rolling and a few days later I drove my 2013 Mazda5 home. I'd also like to thank Brandon very much for all his work on getting us a great finance company !! Also, J.P. did a great job with our signing of the paperwork. All these guys were very kind and went the extra mile to make sure we were happy with our car before we left. I also liked it that when we were looking for a car we weren't bombarded with salesman as soon as we got out of our car !! You guy's are the best !!


George Smith - 2005 Chevrolet Silverado

I have been dealing with this guy for over 17 years and he never steered me wrong yet. He has helped me learn alot of what i know about cars and finances. Larry Marlowe has helped me rebuild my credit and given me advice on my finances. He has been so much more than a car dealer/dealership owner to many as well as myself. I just drop in from time to time and talk with him and his wife about anything. Just wanted to take minute to thank him and his wife for being such a good friend to me and my family. If u get a chance, go by and check him out at Marloz of High Point on n. Main in Hp.

Hollie Warren - 2011 Ford Focus

our car broke down a little sooner that we expected and it put us in a bit of a jam so we went to a couple of places with whatever little money we had only to be turned down HOWEVER when we went to marloz they treated us in a great manner with respect and that my friends meant the world to us NICK worked with us asked us what we had in mind and didn't try to shove a car we didn't want down our throats again that felt great so thank you NICK  he got us a much newer car that we were expecting to come out of there with so we are very happy with our 2011 ford focus

David Brooks - 2013 Dodge Charger

they worked w/ me. j p was by my side through the whole process. i would recommend Marloz to anyone searching for a good used car.

Ms. Wall - 2008 Chevrolet Impala

I purchased a 2008 Impala from Marloz of High Point. My salesman (Curtis) was the BEST. He is was very knowledgeable about all car types. He provided me with all the information I needed to make a good decision on which car to purchase. Please go see him. You will not be disappointed.

Harry Ned - 2009 Nissan Altima


Chris - Awesome Dodge Ram

Real good people. Friendly hard workers. Helped me get into an awesome dodge ram. They even took my trade. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for help in finding their next vehicle. Melissa made it too easy to get into the truck I was dreaming about.